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Now the 2018 season is over, it is recruiting time for next year.  If you’d like to give it a go, visit our join us page and come along to training.

The schedule for 2019 games will be out early in the New Year.  Come back then and put the dates in your diary so you can come along support the team.  We love to see new faces.

Our Next Game

The 2018 season is over.  Next years season will commence in April 2019.  Check back early next year for the dates of our games.

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Want to give it a go?

Have you always wanted to give it a try but not sure what to expect?

Whether you’ve played any sport before: from rugby, soccer or cricket to basketball, athletics or rowing or you’ve never played a sport before, it doesn’t matter.  If you’ve got experience, your skills will transfer to American Football with just a little training.  If you have none, our team of experienced Coaches will coach you.

If you’re worried you’re not fit enough, or you haven’t played competitive sport before, don’t let that stop you….. there is a place for everyone on an American Football team.  Men and women, large or small you’ll find your spot on our team.  Come and give it a try.


Fixtures 2018

2018 season is over.  The new dates will out early in 2019 when we will post the new schedule.

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