James Proctor - Inducted 2007

Coach Brian Smallworth - Inducted 2007

Coach Dick Suess - Inducted 2007

JJ Zemlo - Inducted 2007

James played for the Sharks in the 2006 season and was a great asset to the team in their first year. He has a strong personality and is a good team leader in all fields. He was a good, strong nose tackle and is quick and agile.

Brian set up the Cornish Sharks in 2006 with Richard Atkinson and Martin Phillips. The dream was made reality. With over 40 years playing and coaching experience at every level of the sport and all over the world, Brian is a real asset to the team.

He has clocked up over 400 wins including 4 national titles, 16 divisional titles and 1 European Championship - which is a difficult record to match.

Brian is also a two time Hall of Famer inducted to the Minor League Hall of Fame in Las Vegas 2004 and Miami 2010.
Dick Suess is the founder of the Minor League Football Hall of Fame and is a member, along with being in the American Football Association and United States Football Association Hall of Fame. He was a former player in the sport, team owner, coach and league commissioner. He coached the Birmingham Bulls of the BAFA in 1994. Dick has given Sharks players the opportunity of being evaluated and playing in All Stars Teams in the USA. With his vast knowledge he has helped the team achieve the ultimate goal of Sharks players playing full-time in college and in the pros in the USA.
Played for the Sharks in the 2006 and 2007 season. Utility player. Good leader with a “never give up” attitude – a born winner. Something innate in “all sharks players”. He led the team by example, played offensive line, defensive end and linebacker.

Coach Bob Shaw - Inducted 2007

Chris Pattee - Inducted 2008

Durben Matthews - Inducted 2008

Ricky Tanner - Inducted 2008

Sadly the Cornish Sharks and the sport of American Football lost a legend with the premature passing of Coach Rob "Bob the Dog" Shaw on 12th May 2013.  Bob coached for the Sharks in their first year returning to Coach with them in 2012 and 2013.  With more than 30 years experience in the game both playing and coaching, Bob is regarded as one of the best offensive line coaches in Europe. He was inducted into the minor league Hall of Fame in 2005. Having coached for England and many All Star Teams as well as the Mets Police, he is the only British Coach that coached full-time for an American High School.

Bob is also a two time Hall of Famer inducted to the Minor League Hall of Fame in Las Vegas 2005 and Miami 2010.
Chris has been a solid player and multi-positional since the Sharks began. He has a great presence on the football field when playing on the different units from being an expert long-snapper and punter to playing linebacker and offensive line - Chris never gave up.
Matt's contribution has been immense - an outstanding defensive end on defense and on offense, one of the Shark's best possession tight ends that we have ever had. He will be a hard act to follow.
One of the nicest players who has played for the Sharks - a man of few words but a man of action. Ricky was a great kick returners, leading wide receiver and a terrific corner back. With his ability to teach the youngsters, Ricky has left his mark as you can still see his influence with the youngsters on the practise field today.

Levi Gustafson - Inducted 2009

Reggie Jackson - Inducted 2009

Joe Lamoreaux - Inducted 2009

Travis Rogers - Inducted 2009

Levi brought loads of experience to the Cornish Sharks as a linebacker and as Assistant Head Coach and defensive co--ordinator. He gave up so much of his time to assist with the running of the club bringing in new ideas and helping with fundraising and public relations. If help was needed - Levi was always the first to get his hands dirty. A member of the US Navy, Levi was posted back to America and is much missed.
Reggie was one of the best running backs that Coach Smallworth had ever seen - a naturally talented athlete and thoroughly nice guy who was voted Players Player year after year. His electrifying personality brought fun and excitement to the team and he was always willing to teach those around him. Very sadly Reggie was involved in a terrible car accident at the end of 2008 which brought an end to his athletic career. However, having made a remarkable recovery, Reggie was still very much a part of the Sharks organization until he was posted back to America. Reggie's influence on the team will never be forgotten and can still be seen today in the youngsters that he inspired.
Another US player sadly missed when posted back to the States, Joe was defensive co-ordinator and was a laid back character that coached the defense when it was rated 2nd best defense in the country in 2007. His friendly style was a complete opposite to the style of defense that he taught. Having played in the first season as defensive & offensive lineman and linebacker, Joe was unable to continue to play following surgery on his damaged shoulder but his contribution to the learning curve of the young team was invaluable.
Travis was a late joiner to the Sharks having joined in 2009 playing tight end. However he made a real impact on the team and was very much missed when injury put him out half way through the season. Travis continued to support the team in lots of ways until he too was posted back to the USA with his family.

Nigel Hoyte - Inducted 2010

Andrew Dixon - Inducted 2010

Mike "LA Shark" Adams - Inducted 2010

Alan "Spike" Bray - Inducted 2010

Nigel has many years of experience.  He played for the London Ravens who were undefeated in the '80s for five years.  He played Defensive Tackle for Great  Britain and then went to Akron University where he played both O and D Line.  He was signed by the London Monarchs in 1991 and played in the World League where he picked up a World Championship ring.

Nigel joined the Sharks in the early days and shared his experience both playing and coaching.  in 2009 he moved to the Bristol Aztecs in a coaching role so that his talented Elliot could get playing experience with a youth team, to fulfil his dream to play in College in the USA - something that at that time, the Cornish Sharks could not offer.

Elliot was picked by Boise State moved to the USA in 2012 so Nigel has returned to the Cornish Sharks as Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator.  We couldn't be more pleased.
Andy came to the Sharks from a rugby pedigree and took to the game like a duck to water.  He played running back, outside linebacker and some safety and he was the first player to demonstrate the ease of transition from rugby skill set to American Football.  He was a GB triallist and a key player in the Shark's offence.

Andy met and married Sarah who was serving in the UK at the St. Mawgan and it was a loss to the Sharks but a win for the USA when Andy moved with Sarah after their marriage and he is currently at Boston University.
Coach Smallworth met Mike Adams in Las Vegas at an Allstar Game.  Mike was playing for the California Smash and Coach Smallworth was taken back by his immense skill levels and invited him to come to the UK at some point in the future.

Mike did just that in 2009 and brought with him skills earned playing football from a very young age that in fact earned him a spot on the Minnesota Vikings practice squad.  Unfortunately, injury ended his NFL aspirations but he is no quitter and came to the Sharks with immense passion and helped coach not only the seniors but the juniors who absolutely adored him.

He helped with community projects and spent the entire summer dedicated to helping the Sharks organisation.  Fondly nicknamed the "LA Shark" Mike was a wonderful asset to the team even if only for one season.

Alan "Spike" Bray is a true warhorse of American Football having first played in the 1980s for the Portsmouth Warriors we were lucky enough to have Spike join the Sharks and join linebacker back in the early days.

He never lost his intensity out on the field and always put 100% into every play, something that many younger players couldn't quite grasp how he had the energy and determination.

Spike hung up his "helmet" at the end of 2010 but worked tirelessly as a coach for the linebackers in 2011 and brought them on leaps and bounds.  We hope that in time work commitments will allow Spike to return to assist the Sharks by sharing his experience with more rookies.

Spike and his family are fantastic supporters of the Sharks and attend all home games and many of our Shark's fundraisers.

Ceowlin Hickman- Inducted 2010

Geoff Tulley - Inducted 2010

Matt Lockwood - Inducted 2010

Richard Atkinson - Inducted 2011

Ceowlin, nick named "Oz" was an extraordinary athlete with a background in athletics having competed at European level.  When he joined the Sharks he had already played American Football at youth level for the Plymouth Commodores who were youth national champions at flag football.

As an adult he played for the Plymouth Admirals in their heyday before a serious injury caused him to retire from the game for four years.

Oz was an "original" Shark and played running back, strong safety and outside linebacker and was devastatingly effective as he had exceptional speed.

Sadly work/life commitments meant that Oz had to retire from the game in 2010 but you never know if we might be lucky and have "return of the Oz" some day in the future.  Him and his family are missed but they do still come and support the games and Shark's events.
Geoff was an "original" Shark and had experience playing many sports when in the army.  Geoff played defensive end and was a great special teams player.  He was a very colourful character on the squad and always played every down to the limit.

Geoff helped out in many ways with the team and was a great support to Coach Smallworth when he was ill.

Geoff had the opportunity go abroad to work for a few months but fell in love with the lifestyle in France and sadly the Shark's lost another great player.
When Matt Lockwood turned up at the Shark's Trials, Coach Smallworth immediatley recognised his talent.  He had played middle linebacker for Warwick University and for the Great Britain University Team.

Matt was a great, intelligent, hard-hitting line backer who could quite easily have played college football in the USA.

Sadly we lost Matt to the USA as well, as he had a great opportunity for work when he graduated.
Richard Atkinson is one of the three founders members of the Cornish Sharks setting the organization up originally with Coach Smallworth and Martin Phillips.  Richard had played American Football in Cornwall for many years, starting with the Mounts Bay Buccaneers before moving to the Duchy Destroyers and the Great Western Oilers.  Richard also played for the London Mets which is where he first met Brian.

Richard, who was one of the best British Quarterbacks, only just missed out on playing for the London Monarchs in 1991.

He played QB for the Sharks from the beginning until the end of 2011, playing his last season with a broken shoulder. His dedication to the Shark's cannot be over stated - without him, the team would never have survived some of the most difficult times.  He has support Coach Smallworth through thick and thin and despite work commitments delaying his return to play, he is stil the Club's Chairman and actively works in the background.  There are rumours however, of his boots being polished, so who knows!

Ian Taylor - Inducted 2011

Gavin Boak - Inducted 2011

Rich McKenzie- Inducted 2011

Elliot Hoyte - Inducted 2011

Coach Smallworth first met Ian at the Surrey Thunderbolts in 1985 and they became firm friends over the years.  He played for Coach Smallworth at the Thames Pirates and in his first year ran for 1200 yards as running back.  He played for Woking Generals and became national champion and set rushing records of 1700 yards in that season.  On the way to a 16-0 perfect season that has never since been matched.

Ian also played for the London Mets before joining the Cornish Sharks from the beginning as an "original" Shark.

Ian was inducted into the Minor League Hall of Fame in Las Vegas in 2005 after rushing for over 10,000 yards between the tackles.  For those that have never been in Ian's path it has been described as being hit by a "raging bull".
Gavin came from a rugby background having played internationally for Welsh under 19s and can be described as a "man mountain".  He also played a high standard of rugby league so we were delighted when he took up American Football and played nose guard for the Cornish Sharks.

Gavin was a Great Britain triallist and was picked to play, but unfortunately wasn't able to find a sponsor to assist with the cost of travel with the distance from the South West.

When Gavin played he was an inspiration to the other players and was a "gentle giant" as long as you weren't in his way!

Like Andy Dixon, Gavin has moved to Houston in Texas after getting married.  He is much missed.
Rich McKenzie, nicknamed "Slider" only played for one season but was a great young player with lots of potential having originally played with the Norwich Devils.

Despite being a serving pilot in Cornwall, Slider attended as many training sessions and games that he could and played defensive end.  He was eventually posted outside the county but continues to support the team.
Although Elliot Hoyte never played a game for the Cornish Sharks, he has earned his spot in our Hall of Fame as he was there from the beginning as a waterboy and ballboy and was one of the original JV Sharks.  This young man has so much potential it is scary.  It was pretty obvious early on that he is something special and had all the skill sets and desire to go to the top.  The Cornish Sharks Academy was not sufficiently established to be able to provide the game experience that Elliot required to get to the standard he needed to do well at a selection camp in the USA so he transferred to the Bristol Aztecs Youth.  He played for GB youth and his dad took him to Boise State training camp in 2011 and he spent nearly two weeks there going through drills and proved himself.  He was offered a full scholarship to Boise to play defensive tackle or end and began at Boise early in 2012.  We wish him all the success he deserves.

Matt Henderson - Inducted 2012

Anthony "Big Tasty" White - Inducted 2012


Trevor "Jurassic Era" May - Inducted



Nathan Coates - Inducted


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