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The Cornish Sharks Team is very lucky to have the support of the Cornish Press, TV & Radio and a number of key sponsors.  The team enjoys good coverage in both printed and on-line publications and excellent radio coverage.  We are also so lucky that a number of organizations sponsors the club both financially and in kind and sometimes in person.  All of this support is most appreciated by everyone in the team - from the Head Coach to the waterboys.

We would like to thank all our sponsors, fans and media friends for everything they do for us throughout the year.

The Newquay Voice, BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Spotlight, Pirate FM and the Cornish Guardian, West Briton and the Cornishman  especially help to keep the County informed of the progress of its American Football Team.

BBC Radio Cornwall was the first radio station to broadcast UK American Football Games live by covering our home games.  They will be back this year as it proved so popular and we are very grateful to them for raising the profile of this wonderful game.

The Sharks in the Community Programme, in which players take part in community activities as a thank you for the support they receive, also gets good coverage for which the team is very grateful.

Cornish Sharks has an extensive gallery of photos and videos of our journey since the club started.




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